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Motorists to see changes to NCT next year

on 27/12/2009 12:15:36
There are changes on the way for NCT car test next year.

Among the new measures are additional tests for lighting, the level of tinting on windows, exhaust noise levels and tyre quality assurance markings.

Measures have also been brought in to deal with dangerously defective vehicles.

The changes will also see an annual test for all vehicles over ten years old being introduced from June 2011.:doh:more fails.


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One thing i will say in this thread just because you buy a car and it has recently passed its nct doesn't mean that the car has gone through the test in a legitimate way ie the dodgy testers (who take back handers) and there are many of them,they will only fail the car on emissions and dodgy brakes, most other problems they will pass,believe me i know plenty of people who got their cars passed this way,the one advice i will give is when buying a car and even though it may have passed the test that day,bring a very good mechanic with you don't be swayed by the nct cert,i wouldnt !!!! .

Only recently my sister had her car tested (legitimately) the tester wanted to open the boot door to check the spare,there is a knack to opening the door so when the tester couldn't open it he gave her one chance to open it and threatened her with a fail if she couldnt,lucky for her she did but what makes me mad is the same center passed 2 cars (that i know of) the dodgy way and didnt even open the boot :mad:


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maybe they will all be fired and start of with a fresh crew as a new company has taken over in january.:whistling::whistling: