New to this


Hi All,

I have been reading and researching the posts for a while and was going to buy a ZGemma H.2s plug & play from fleabay but after everyone's amazing posts I now feel semi confident to buy one and use the guides to set it up myself. The only things I am wondering is whether i need a computer on hand? I can use my work one but won't have access to one at home. Also confused about where to get the line info. Thanks


You will require a computer or a means of downloading the image of you choice and transferring it to the root of the memory stick. You will also need it to format it as required.

You also require FileZilla to be installed onto your computer access your box and enter your line details.

Line details you can request on the forum, I'm on my mobile so I can't post the link.

Have a go and if you get stuck then just ask and someone here will be abailable to help you.