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Hi All. I am new to the world of Zgemma and Kodi etc. I recently bought a box with a "Gift" and all worked well until 1 time when it did an auto reboot and was stuck on "49" on the boot menu. Cut story shot contacted my supplier who sent me an image and gift line. If I update to Wooshi latest build which I believe is V3 now? What if anything will I have to do to resume all my channels, will it overwrite my Gift line etc etc? All help appreciated and Merry Christmas


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Latest Wooshbuild for H2S is nowV5.03
You need to have a file/hard copy of line details as the reflash will overwrite everything.


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if your supplier sent you the gift line aswell as the image then you can just put the image on it as you already have the line, once you install wooshbuild then you just use cam importer to import your line back onto the box


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Even if he didn't send them separately you can find the file the line is in. You'll need to download filezilla, but from there, it's a case of finding the folder, which is much less scary than it sounds.