Newbies "don't panic"


Just a simple warning to newbies not to panic! I brought a Zgemma H2S just before christmas and cocked up the setting up bit and paniced luckily got lot of help here. I will list my mistakes to prevent other people making them.
1) Connected dish input to B not A input so no signal!
Instead of trying to see what I had done wrong I assumed the image was damaged so reflashed a new image open atv (it came with open vix) and had to start from scratch a pain. Then the H2S wouldn't flash or see SD card what a pain (again lots of help from TECHKINGS ) so to cut a long story short all sorted in the end!

In the end happy with the result !

So glutten for punishment I got another H2S and guess what no problems in the setup! But the moral of the story is
1) Most important Don't panic
2) The box can be slow in booting up from scratch patience!
3) Take advice from this site on the type of external memory to use and how to format it
4) The box will probably have the most important plugins already installed
5) Take the time to flick through the menus to remember how to get to things
6) My machine booted to mgcamad very easy to change to cccam
7) The machine may freeze but generally it reboots ok (don't panic)

Finally thanks to all the folk here who helped me!!