Next purchase Zgemma i55 or Mag 256w2 ?


Zgemma i55 or Mag 256w2 ?

i have both a Zgemma H2s and a Mag 254 and love individual features of both…

I love the sky style layout of wooshbuild on the Zgemma but also like the simplicity of the Mags….

Am I right that I would lose access to catch up tv on the Zgemma i55 ? Are there any other drawbacks either way between each box ??

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....well not identical as it's tiny but same hardware and image(s) sans tuners

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mag 254. easy set up. streams effortlessly.. but thats due to my line provider.. not perfect but better than a lot of trials i tried..
sport 9/10
movies 8/10 occasionally freezes
entertainment 7/10
vod 10/10