nintendo switch is hacked


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Very hard to get old switches though which is unpatched which allows you to play all games including new ones.

Those who have old version are ripping people off with their prices online.
You can still get the older switches. I oftern get them for people. If you goto CEX you can normally find one there


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But I'm guessing the best older switch which is unpatched which can play all new games even now is rare to get?

Still have my beloved ps3 lol


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I tend to buy off people who don't realise what they have. They have even hacked the SXOS software I am led to beleive


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Or maybe you could find ones like these and contact the seller and ask for the serial? Like Mike says some people won't have a clue what they have


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Just updated myself I also have a VPN. I can confirm incognito will not work.

However, according to TX there was no problem with stealth mode.