Nissan X Trail - P1435 error


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I've got a Nissan X Trail 2008 2.0 dCi Aventura Explorer Extreme (173ps) 5d, I had the dpf light come on and we didnt take it for a burn quick enough to clear the dpf light. Then the engine light came on, the error code is P1435, which i think is dpf regen failed. I took it to my local garage and he tried to do a manual regeration, but couldn't clear the light. Reading around this needs the nissan consult software to clear the fault. He also changed the oil at the time, air filter and diesel filter.

If i take it to nissan, I think they'll do manual regen and oil change + diagnostic etc etc..££££

I brought a clone unit reader with copy of nissan consult software, I can read the fault but can't clear the fault. I read I have to go to the section and reset dpf data. I can't find that section anywhere.

Anybody out there with experience of nissan consult software? the version I have v09.21 which is an older version of the software.


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Yes strange why an error code differs on a petrol and diesel on the same make as usually look up the autodata fault code book of data