No Channel showing after Wooshbuild 5 install on Zgemma S2 - PLZ HELPPP

Hi All.
I am new here and sorry If I sound dumb.

I had a Zgemma S2 which I flashed with Wooshbuild V5, I am on virgin Media in Hayes area Network ID 40980.

After install I can see all channels discovered after scan with Yellow bars showing but none of them play/show video when I tune them. Only couple of channels work i.e. ITV and BBC London.

Please note: I have not changed anything such as LINES, CCAM, NEWCAMD.list etc ect as I have no information about their codes or you can say no idea what they are. I have no line codes with me.

Can anyone please help me solve this situation. I have spend almost 16 hours troubleshooting and reading forums but in vain :(:(.

Thank you very much in advance.



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