No epg guide.


Have all channels but when I open my epg guide there's no channels or categories entertainment,movies,sports etc. Can someone help think it's a simple fix I'm just doing something wrong.
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Not 2 sure mate just got this zgemma h2s online and was told it was all setup just had to plug it in and play. Have all the channels just needa get them into this epg list. Followed a few videos on YouTube about auto bouquets that have something to do with it?


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you can try

Service searching
Autobouquets maker
Providers. Wait
Sky UK (sd):area. Change from the area custom it says to your area custom by pressing right or left.
Green to save.
Start scan. Wait.
Exit all
Hold power Restart

is this image supposed to have a line on as well?

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what does it say on the info page? menu, information, about