WooshBuild No Signal/Invalid Format


Evenin all ...
I'm having issues with IPTV or my box .
I've contacted my supplier about it and they have no idea why it's happening.
Some channels (not always the same ones) when selected through the EPG or using channel up/down button are locking up my box (ZGemma H2s), screen goes black and I get "Invalid Format" or "No Signal" scrolling across the screen. The box is still on but the remote is unresponsive, all I can do is power off with the back button.
I've done at least 3 reflashes over the last couple of months and it still happens.
Any ideas???
New box time or maybe something in the TV settings? TV is an LG but I've had it since before this issue started.


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How is your iptv setup? Which plugin are you using if you have LG tv and its smart tv ask them if support nanomid or duplex.
or even an android app if have android device to rule out provider problem connection problem ect