No signal message appearing


hi guys, for a last few days I get a ‘No Signal’ message appear on my skybox/openbox V5S.

Removed sat cable and used another still no signal
Re-scanned and still no signal
Reflashed and still no signal
Factory reset still no signal
Changed power supplies and still no signal
Internet seems to be connected and active

Is my tuner within the box knackered? Any tests/help would be greatly appreciate
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ok you have an active sat dish and cable,note a frequency say bbc1 hd working on zgemma.
install other box so i presume you can see menu etc,go to tuner and input those details any signal on that if so channel list might have changed with sky moving channels in may.


Hum ok plugged my old sky box back in and both feeds have no signal.

Have a quad LNB, two feeds are fine and working (zgemma) while the other two don’t seem to be getting any signal.

Will re-check lnb tomorrow sometime