Nobody gets max broadband speed


TK Veteran

NO broadband customers get the maximum speeds advertised by their internet providers, says a damning report.

Most connect to the web at less than HALF the promised rate.

More than half are on packages offering "up to" 8 megabits per second (Mbps).

But watchdog Ofcom found they actually got just 3.9 Mbps.

It said it was impossible to get the advertised speed of 8 Mbps, because some capacity is reserved for technical reasons.

The highest speed a customer on an 8 Mbps package could get in practice is about 7.2 Mbps, it added - and then only if they live extremely close to their telephone exchange.

Speeds are affected by the technology and capacity of the internet service provider's networks, said Ofcom.

Customers on Virgin Media's "up to 10 Mbps" cable service enjoyed speeds over twice as high as "up to 8 Mbps" DSL customers.

BT's "up to 8 Mbps" package had average speeds of 3.8-4.2 Mbps, Ofcom said.

Average broadband speed in the UK in April was 4.1 Mbps.

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: "It's what customers get that counts.

"We are committed to making all of our marketing better reflect the actual experience our customers get."