Nokia Booklet 3G Price: Announcement September 2nd


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Nokia Booklet 3G Price: Announcement September 2nd

Posted: 24 Aug 2009 05:01 PM PDT

Nokia Booklet 3G Price: Announcement September 2nd

You may have read our recent article regarding the recently announced Nokia Booklet 3G, well since this announcement a few more details have now emerged, one of those details states that Nokia do not make netbooks, they make mini-laptops (pedantic I know).

According to our sources it seems that the Nokia Booklet 3G will have a pretty impressive hardware specifications, it will have an Intel Atom processor, a 10.1 inch display, HDMI output, integrated 3G modem,, webcam, Bluetooth and SD card reader. The mini-laptop is also said to have GPS with Ovi Maps and a hot-swappable SIM card slot.

Nokia also announced that they will be revealing the price of the handset on September 2nd, this pricing is very important as it sets the standard for future Nokia mini-laptops. If its too high they will price the Booklet out of the market, and if its too low they could risk an unprofitable launch.

Chances are we will see most Nokia Booklet 3G’s at subsidized prices as part of a contract, but seeing as how AT&T are offering a few different netbooks for $200 when part of a contract you would expect them to perhaps try to undercut the competition, especially as it is a flagship model.