Noobies Guide to IPTV


He mentions Android TV box but can you tell me what would be the minimum spec, memory etc. if you know that is.


hi does anybody have picon files for iptv on android as some channels have them on my service but alot dont and would like them all to have them.


@blzbob73 IPTV will work with the lowest spec Android Boxes but if you don't mind paying a little more 3gb ram android box on ebay roughly £50 run a lot faster when opening apps. Something like the x92 android box.


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Just an update as I have set up and ran a couple of different Android boxes
so have something to compare.

As above, android with plenty of ram definatly run smoother, especially on HD feeds.

3Gb RAM would be the best option, Something like the T95Z or X92 mentioned

Compared to a MAG it has a bit more flexabilty.

For instance you can add STBEMU which makes the box run IPTV
with exactly the same look as a MAG, nice and easy to use.

You could add Terrarrium or Covenant to run box sets or films.

You could add catch up TV if you haven't got a Smart telly

or add a dodgy Netflix pass.

Amongst other things
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