Noobs guide to patching your technomate

Guide for the newbies.

Heres how to load the patches.

* Download the relevant patch and extract.
* Download the relevant loader and extract.
* Connect your receiver to the pc via rs232c cable.
* Choose the correct com port.
* Leave the receiver on standby.
* Open the loader and select the software tab.
* Press browse and find the extracted patch.
* Press ok then start then wait.

This will take a few minutes. Thats it. The same things need doing for softcams but make sure you use the keys tab. Everything else is the same.

USB, By Benny/9

there are various models and only the correct patch will work or even load on your model

* Download the correct patch for your receiver.
* Open the zipped folder and take the patch out ready to transfer the patch onto your usb memory stick.
* Insert your usb memory stick in the usb port under the front flap.
* Turn the receiver on ready to load the patch then press the usb button on your remote.
* on the next screen go to data transfer and click>OK.

now you will see a panel with the patch on it, it will highlight, [for patching].
press ok on the highlighted patch then it will load and when it gets to 100% and has loaded, and the receiver has re-booted [turned off and on again] and the channel opens, remove your usb memory stick. you have now loaded the patch and your channels will now open.
you also load softcams/channel lists/official software etc:in exactly the same way by selecting
the item you want to load.

Note: if scrambled channel appears on channels which should open; wait a few minutes. This will enable the auto update to kick in.

Hope this is found helpful.


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good to see you jumping straight in at the deep end jackpot. nice clear, concise instructions.(y)