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Nvidia Shield Recording and TV app????


Can anyone recommend a way I can have recording function with the best TV app for iptv on the Nvidia Shield?
From my searches, the shield is not the best option for iptv functionality.
The gaming feature of the shield is secondary to me needing a solid tv solution with recording.

Please please help!
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You can set up IPTV Smarters with a external USB or hard drive by changing the recording directory. The USB stick would have to formatted correctly for the device. Recording is also dependant on your provider 2 lines can flag up as a re-stream.


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Not sure what research you have been doing, but my Shield is spot on for IPTV, I have owned loads of boxes and nothing beats it. Just follow the advice given above.


Sorry I should have made myself clearer..
I can record but not set timers.
I have had a zgemma with wooshbuild which allowed for straightforward recording and timers but not able to set a timer with the shield. Also I believe any app I would use would not record if I was out of the smarters or similar app.
Would I be better going back to the Zgemma or Alien 2? My wife wants good recording functionality so thats what I have to get sorted or else... :0