NY Cop Batters Iraq War Veteran On Video


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Shocking video footage of a New York City policeman repeatedly clubbing an Iraq war veteran with a baton has been shown to jurors.


London hitting Mr Harvin near the building's lifts

Walter Harvin, 28, was left covered in blood and bruises from more than 20 blows to his upper body during the beating in July 2008.

Officer David London, 45, had confronted the war vet as Mr Harvin tried to enter his mother's building without a key.

The policeman was clearing an obstruction to a jammed-open door, when Mr Harvin walked past him and into the lobby.

The security camera footage shows London and the war vet arguing, as Mr Harvin steps towards a lift.

Suddenly, the officer and the war vet shove each other. London quickly pulls out his baton and hits Mr Harvin's face.

The policeman continues to rain down blows, as the former soldier crumples to the ground.

The footage from a second camera shows Mr Harvin trying to protect his head with an arm, while married father-of-three London batters him.


Mr Harvin is battered while on the ground

Mr Harvin's uncle Earl Jones, 55, told the New York Post newspaper: "People need to see it (the video) so they can see how cops treat people."

The alleged victim suffered more kicks and baton strikes after he was handcuffed, it is claimed. He is said to have been hit about 15 to 20 times.

Prosecutors, at a Manhattan Supreme Court trial into the beating, say London then filed paperwork falsely claiming Mr Harvin had attacked him.

But the officer's lawyer insists the silent security video did not record verbal threats the war vet had made and that his client used justifiable force to subdue him.

Initial resisting arrest and disorderly conduct charges against Mr Harvin, who is reportedly suffering from post-traumatic stress, were later dropped.

London denies assaulting the war vet and lying to cover up the attack. The trial continues.




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i think that cop went a bit baton crazy :faint:
diffenetly used excessive force
wonder what will happen -
if anything at all