Octagon SF8008 - Buttons in EPG Config


Was updating box for the parents, and tried out Grogbuild (we were Wooshbuild - tied to OpenATV 6.4 due to All4One for the moment)

In the EPG screen on Wooshbuild, we had different functions set for the Red - BouquestList / Green - Add/Remove Timer / Yellow - -24Hrs / Blue - +24Hrs
(Changed from WB's default via pressing Menu button whilst in EPG.)
Example Red became BouquetList - we were using right / left arrows to move around bouquets when in EPG
MertixHD skin.

In GrogBuild, I have attempted to update the buttons via same method but the functions do not work for Red / Green
In the Graphical EPG Settings screen it states the function has changed, but Red attempts to load the Options menu and Green loads up the Recorded programs / "Movile Center"
Text has not changed on the buttons in EPG screen either.

Will attach some screenshots shortly, just awkward from current device I am typing this on.
EDIT - Images attached

Tried in all the skins, but same result. Have tried multiple nightly builds too

I am unsure if this is a skin issue, config issue, or not possible.

Any help is appreciated.



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I had the same problem until i put vix-willo on other boot to try out
i got more options on the button functions
Tried Willo too, but it's newer OpenVix which is Python3 based, same reason we are stuck with OpenATV 6.4 - All4One is Python2 only.
Could not flash an older image, and no older image on the Archive of SF8008 on OpenVix website.