Octagon SF8008 V2 with Updated Hardware


Hi Guys,
Am looking at the SF8008 to buy from our Sponsor and have a couple of Questions regarding this Box.
I now definitely know that it will accept ALL Micro SDXC Cards ALL Sizes from 32GB - 512GB
Octagon is officially selling the SF8008 with "SAN DISK" 200GB and 400GB Cards as an alternative to Extern HDD with Power Supply.
They are being Sold in Germany with the 200GB/400GB MicroSD directly from Octagon Dealers. So am assuming they must work.!

Secondly there is a V2 Edition with Updated Hardware and a few minor changes to the Rear. After many complaints.
Amongst other things the Tuners have been Modified and Updated changes made for both DVB Sat and Cable C/T2.!
Their release date was apparently 01. Feb 2020.
(see attach. Pic below) Top is Revised V2, bottom is Old V1.
The left Aerial for WIFI is now situated more towards the Center no longer above the Cable Tuner and Blocking the access to it.
But it has now been moved above and between the "SPDIF" and "AV Cinch" Connections.

So to my last and most important Question where to get this new Updated V2, price is still the same should be NO changes say Octagon Germany.
So should be around and available unless the Dealers are Holding them back to Sell Off Old Stock.
I have NOT seen any of the V2 Editions here in the UK. You Tube reviews are around since March 2020

I have asked our Sponsoe if they stock the V2 Editions waiting for reply.

Thanks for any Info and Tips


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I have found a SF8008 V2 with Original 200gb sold to seller from Octagon Germany.
Seller tells me he cant operate it to its full potential so he wants to get rid of it.
5 weeks old and Original Receipt with Guarantee for nearly two Years.
Am Paying €96 incl. approx £84 incl.
As soon as the Box arrives I will Test the MicroSDXC and Report back.

see Pics attached.