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my friend! Mr Virgin M lol! keeps ringing & asking if I want to change to optic fibre cable!
Whats this all about then?
Will it stop boxes working?
Can you T off on this cable?
has anyone else had this wonderful offer?



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Not sure I understand your question, if your box works then you are already using a feed (fibre optic) so to speak from virgin media, the connection from the street cabinet to the home is co-axial copper wire; but to the street cabinet it is fibre optic. When you say "will it stop the boxes working" I presume you already have a feed from them so it would be pointless to change anything with them.

Have a read of this for more information >> http://www.thinkbroadband.com/news/3391-asa-rules-on-virgin-fibre-optic-broadband-claims.html


yes as far as i understand it the so called new fibre optic goes from thier place to the green box - no one has fibre optic direct to their homes ( hope im right in that) so all this about your speed will be faster is poop! i used to have the higher speed broadband but it was no faster than the cheaper one - so i changed back.
They are probably contacting you as they want to come round, but then is that not cold calling and you can complain about that ????
AS the saying goes - if it aint broke - dont fix it!
Its their feed from them to the station nearest your home that they have upgraded to this new cable. When we moved a few years ago this home didnt have cable and i was told then that the feed we have is normal co-ax from the station to my home.


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thanks for replies.
The way they were talking i thought that they wanted to change the cable going into the house.
Box is working great.
they just keep pestering me.


you can contact them and tell them to stop pestering you. In all the years i have been with them i never get a call from them. Tell them to take your number off their database


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I personally wouldn't be changing anything, they probably would like to visit your home and either or both check out your system and/or sell you their "latest" and fastest product. as linny says i would ask them to stop contacting you, failing that i would write to them, failing that, write threatening to cancel your subscription as you feel harassed by their constant ringing you.
hope this helps you olla