over right a DVD????


Forgive me if this has been asked before...
Can you record over a DVD?
I have some DVD+R and some DVD- R discs, that didnt work properly, what I need to know is can you scrub them and re-record over them?
If you can... any chance of an idiot proof way of doing it!
Thanks ...............:moon:
in short no to over rite you need dvd+rw
traxdata dvd+rw
this is what i use to test when i have what i want then i brun on a dvd - r
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Yeah as hadmad stated, DVD +/-R disks are write once only, if you had a RW disk that had not been closed then it could be wrote over.
Thanks for that bud... so its off to the centre for some more, I might get a few of those RW ones for future reference.. Cheers!!!:hop mad: