Patching Guide For WAVE4 Game to WAVE3


Patching Guide For WAVE4 Game to WAVE3

This will get you banned, only do this if you are already banned or you don't care about xbox live

theres a PDF with pics on pack

heres the pack:

All consoles flash with ixtreme 1.51 or 1.6, cant play wave 4 games, so just follow this steps .

What we need ?

ABGX30 Gui v1.0.1
PFI included on the pack
Video.iso included on the pack

here we go...

1- Select the ISO Wave 4

2- On autofix select :

Level 3

Adjust angle 359 for ixtreme 1.4
Fix C/R table is data invalid
Adjunts angles that deviate more than 3 degrees from their ccrt

3-En Misc select youre region and on splitdvd "add it if it doesnt exist or isnt valid"

4-Save this settings as default, just to keep this wave 4 settings , now lets start patching

5-This step has to be done everytime we select a wave 4 ISO:

_Patch even if steath passes
_Patch even if these files are invalid
_Patch video and select the video.iso
_Patch PFI and select the PFI.bin

6-Now press Launch, here it will start patching the game, when it finish. check it again with abgx without any patching

7- Now we have a ISO 100 % WAV3 that works on all firmware 1.51 y 1.6 without the need of a new firmaware.