Pay Per Views on Satellite.


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So i had the most worst Sunday of my life yesterday. I was looking forward to the TNA Slammiversary 2009 event the entire weekend. I did an autoscan many times but was unable to get Sky Box Office Up. However not to get off the path here, since its the General Satellite Discussion section.

Yesterday i checked the PPV event on Wikipedia. The quote below shows the popular channels it will be on. They seem to be channels that are aired in the USA.

The epic event will be available on InDemand, DirecTV, Dish Network, TVN, Viewer's Choice and more! Check your programming guide for availability.

The reason i've started this thread is that i don't want to miss the next PPV that TNA are going to make.

So doing a bit of Googling, i came up with:

United Kingdom
Pay-per-view is available in the United Kingdom on satellite, cable and over-the-internet television services, mainly for films, with services such asSky Box Office. Broadcasters have largely abandoned their aspirations to introduce it into the sports market (most notably PremPlus) due to poor take-up, and it is now only used for occasional boxing match

(Pardon me if you are getting a little confused, i am a little conrfused myself :yesno:)

When i checked the PPV event. I checked at 1AM in the morning. Where i am, the time is GMT+1, and the PPV event was shown at 8:00 ET, therefore i checked if i could find Box office at 1 in the morning.

It says above PPV is available in the United Kingdon on satellite, cable and over the internet television services.

I was just wondering what do i have to look out for, or do next time in order to view this PPV? (Being in the UK, West Mid)

(Apologies if this wasn't posted in the correct section, i couldn't make my mind up)
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ppv i get on 299.000mhz if that helps but im in dublin

Thanks, that has put me back on track. I was just wondering if their is anybody around the forum in the UK 6.952 | area that can provide me the frequency for SBO for my area. I've looked at couple of CDF Files for my area but couldn't find Sky Box Office in their. Hopefully im looking forward to uploadeding a few on my Eurovox later and checking the TVC* Channels.

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