PC of The Week" Ryzen 3 3200G - Vega 8 Graphics - 8GB DDR4 - 240GB SSD - for £250 delivered @ Palicomp £250


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PC of The Week" Ryzen 3 3200G - Vega 8 Graphics - 8GB DDR4 - 240GB SSD - for £250 delivered @ Palicomp - hotukdeals

Was £300 Last night, Now £250 (Extra RGB Kit optional now, 4RGB pre case inc though) = Saving an extra £20 though.

*old post had 4 rgb case fans + Gamemax 3in1 strobe kit, now later optional. what u see in case picture is what u get @£250

Palicomp have yet again updated there PC of the week, they did an edit last night in aim to target 3200G Buyers, and
showcased this build last night for £300, they are now offering it for £250, there is one exception: they have removed the 2nd RGB KIT, which can be add for +£30 though, so with that its £280 down from £300. But the Case comes with enough fans anyways with 3 front fans+1 rear, so u got the optional choice.

Palicomp "PC of The Week"

This weeks Palicomp deal features a complete new twist it seems, targeting a complete new type of buyer,

The 3200G' with its built in Vega8 Graphics:

Strip Down (Core link)
Ryzen 3 3200G £80
Asus A320 Motherboard £47
Corsair 3,000mhz 8GB Ram £39
Adata 240GB SSD £25
- Vega 8 Graphics built in
500W PSU £30/
CIT Flash Case £35

Market rate: 256/£266 Cost: £250

Review of the core system - Updated, £250 for a nice 3200G , there is tons of 3200g in the market for £300-£330, AWD-IT comes in at £309.... so this is exceptional value,

*Actual, the AWD is £309 with 2666mhz ram, and even higher for their 3000mhz ram +14.99 on top of their base..

As stated on the last post, fancy RGB heaven further then buy the extra kit at the bottom which is a bonus between desire n unwanted, complete your choice. so a massive thumbs up to them on giving folks the choice, and still save if doing so.

Vega 8 Graphics / 3200G = a perfect home system which can handle retro gaming, and some much more when u play around with the settings, quite alot of buyers have bought 32g/34g as it gives u a low cost system to get u started and then many add in a gpu laters on,

will this be enough for a kids first PC for that fortnite, Totally, i do suggest now some more storage say a hard drive, here or used, and then now or laters get another stick of ram when its affordable to do so,

upgrade options: any used GPU to 1660ish market would be grand for a future upgrade down the line,

/ Dont forget add, WIFI, and 1tb/2tb hard drives for additional space,

so that's this weeks core system - my review.,

if your looking for alt stock with GPU's from this firm then check out: