Pearl Jam returns in new 'Rock Band project' with fan-voted set list


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By: Andrew Yoon


Rock Band fans are already familiar with Pearl Jam. The band has twelve tracks (all from the "Ten" album) available in the game, on disc and as DLC. However, it looks as though there's much more Pearl Jam coming down the line. A collaboration between MTV Games, Rhapsody, and the band's premium 10 Club will allow fans to vote on songs for a forthcoming "Rock Band project." This new project will be Rock Band's "first-ever fan voted set list."

The release is decidedly vague, and opens the possibility for a brand new game (a la Guitar Hero: Metallica, or The Beatles: Rock Band), a retail track pack (a la Rock Band: AC/DC), or simple DLC. Considering the upcoming "project" will exclusively feature live music, we're leaning on a retail track pack -- who's up for some Rock Band: Pearl Jam?

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