Peter Molyneux became creative director of MGS Europe three months ago


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by Ben Gilbert { 12 hours ago }

According to sources at, Peter Molyneux has been promoted to European creative director for Microsoft Game Studios. Strangely, it appears as though he was promoted to the position as far as three months ago. Phil Spencer, general manager at MGS, confirmed the promotion, and said, "the best way for us to make sure our platforms evolve in a way that enables the best creative experiences is to make sure our creative leaders are closely tied into the work that's going on with the platform team."

Molyneux says the promotion won't put him in a position to turn down game titles but rather to foster creative development. Molyneux said, "I'm definitely not going to go in and say 'this is a dumb idea' and 'this is a good idea' ... I'm more about making sure they really are doing the experiences they're passionate about, because passion is really central." The man responsible for Joystiq's 2008 Game of the Year award will remain in charge of Lionhead Studios.

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