Peter Moore on the state of EA Sports, motion control


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by Richard Mitchell { 21 hours ago }

Gamasutra has published a very lengthy interview with EA Sports guru Peter Moore, in which he discusses the current plans of the label and the strategies behind sports game development and publishing. Perhaps most interesting are Moore's thoughts on the new motion control technology revealed by Sony and Microsoft during E3. Moore speaks about the possibilities of the new motion controllers, saying they will impact EA Sports "very positively."

Moore says that the company is already making plans to bring its "licensed product" and its "fitness product" to these new interfaces. Specifically, Moore imagines how a game like Fight Night or the upcoming EA Sports MMA would work with them, saying, "if it were in a first-person mode it would be very very cool." Agreed. He calls the new motion controllers a "huge opportunity."

Other topics in the interview range from the possibilities for smaller, regional titles (like cricket), the future of the Madden series and how EA plans to keep EA Sports Active ... um ... active in consumers' minds. Incidentally, this is the same interview in which Moore stated that Metacritic scores aren't necessarily relevant to the sales of Wii titles.

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