Pixelation Issues


Can anyone help with a couple of issues I'm seeing.

Using Suls 0.8.5 I am getting lots of pixelation on my live streams. I've tried swapping players and stream types and nothing matters. I also tried enabling the all IPTV type option.
When I run the same service through Xstreamity plugin I have no pixelation issues at all.

I have tried importing through XC Plugin Lite (2.8) and Jedi and both have the same issues as Suls.

Now I have an old Suls ipk (0.7.6)
When I use this my channels pull through as VOD so I'm not able to grab any EPG
But the channels play fine without any pixelation issues.

I've tried ATV 6.3 and 6.4
The box is a VU Zero 4K

Thanks in advance.


I like to try and get to the bottom of things when they aren't working right.
Xtreamity is good but I prefer the other ways as flicking between channels is much easier and faster.
And the other method I can record too.


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Ok well you've already accertained that it's not a provider issue which leaves a software issue.
You've tried 6.3 and also 6.4.
The plugins you want to use don't work.
The plugin you don't want to use does work
There is no setting or anything else can be adjusted, some plugins are flakey.
Find one that works and use that.
Did the other methods work in the past?
What has changed since then?


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Don't use pound land hdmi get a decent hdmi is your box hardwired or on WiFi


They used to work, I've went off the box for a while and been using a Fire Cube. I can't put my finger on what has changed. I'm wondering if it's anything anyone else has came across.
Or maybe something in not seeing.

It's a decent HDMI and the box is Hardwired.


Aye Xstreamity is good for live as well.

Pixelation issues now gone, although I'm not sure what fixed it.
I'm now on 6.4, using Suls and HLS stream format.
4097 player seems to be running best.