Play Bionic Commando demo with Capcom (again)


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By: Richard Mitchell

We have to admit, we were really tempted to copy last week's post about this and just paste it in here. Alas, someone was looking, so the plans were scrapped. Suffice it to say that Capcom is once again hosting a little community playdate with the Bionic Commando demo. If you'd like a chance to own some Capcom fools, simply send an Xbox 360 friend request to "Snow Infernus" -- gamertag of Capcom's Shawn Baxter.

After that, just sign into Live when the action starts at 3:00pm Pacific (6:00pm Eastern). If you get invited to a private match, then congratulations! You're playing with Capcom. Finally, a story worth telling the grandkids someday. Also, sorry, but there is no word on whether or not Bionic Middle Manager will be taking part in the event.

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