Playlist Creator 3.5


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Following the Unix philosophy "one tool for one job"
Playlist Creator enables you to create playlists of your precious music within seconds.




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Was gonna post this but discovered you already had buddy, so I will just post the update then. :)

Version: 3.6.2, Released: 2010-01-15

* New: During long running processes (e.g. playlist creation) the progress is displayed in the taskbar icon (Windows 7)
* New: Settings checkbox for inserting new entries in ascending order
* Changed: Use system built-in header sort arrows instead of custom graphics (Windows XP, Vista, 7)
* Changed: New icons for create playlist dialog
* Changed: Improved look and feel of playlist context menu
* Changed: Improved look and feel of 'File Types' settings dialog
* Changed: Display the full version number of the application in all places
* Changed: Integrated latest MediaInfoDLL (v0.7.27)
* Fixed: Drag and drop doesn't work when application is started by the auto-start feature of the installer (Windows Vista, 7)
* Fixed: Folder selection dialog doesn't scroll to last selected folder (Windows 7)

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