Please suggest an android box with the following


Hi guys.

I'm looking for a box that has the following:

Google certified

2 USB ports that can support 2TB each

4K support

Chromecast enabled

I will be using it for Kodi, Netflix and DSTV Now [a South African streaming app].

I currently have a myGica box which works fine, but it's not Google-certified and doesn't have chromecast. I currently have 2 external hard drives connected to it with 4TB of media that I access via Kodi.

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Just to add to the above, if you wait a couple more weeks till Black Friday, you should be able to pick a bundled one (with the game controller) from amazon/currys etc for something like £155. Flog the game controller (2nd gen, £65 new at amazon) for £45 on fleabay, flog any fire stick/tv box, chromecast dongle etc. all of which the Shield has made redundant, and you have the best of all worlds in one for c£100 or less.

I also run mine as a plex server - very very few android boxes indeed can do that properly, an intel nuc with comparable performance would set you back close to £200 when I last looked.

So, for some, the Shield is actually a real bargain.

You can use Dream player for Android TV from Google Play to access an E2 box from the Shield. I think it works better than Vu+PVR in Kodi, which takes forever reading a full set of epg from my OS Mega - if anybody knows a way to sort that I am all ears!