Plug / Adapter question


Hi guys,
Ive got two H2S boxes, both with different plugs/adapters,
1 has a powerpack and plug similar to sky and every other Zgemma box ive seen,(theres a few)
Now this plug runs a output at 12V 3.0A
heres a pic for reference

Now the other H2S has a single plug, no power adapter like above and it says on it its running at 12V 2.0 A, not 3.0A. But the output is the same as the Zgemma requires.

Heres the items next to each other, minus the plug for the normal adapter,

Now is this safe? isit normal? Anyone else seen this before? I contacted the seller and he said he would send me a refund of 3GBP to get a new plug, which i dunno if it will even cover it? Anyway hes not replied so itll have to wait untill monday but does anyone know if the plug ok to use?
Anyone know anything lol
Cheers guys


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I've got 4 H2S's and 2 of them have the powerpack and 2 with it built into the plug. They all work fine.