POGO MO THOIN,Team Xecuter Answers The Call For No Trace Cuts


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Team Xecuters answer to the lizards method of extracting keys from liteon drives without the need for trace cut/soldering gimmicky clips and so on is the "homebrew" method of building your own "pogo mo thoin" spear.

Of course team xecuter will have a production model made in time to ship along with their X360USB PRO called the CK3 Probe VIII.

We are happy to present the “POGO MO THOIN” homebrew Liteon Probe to the scene. Make your own Probe that will require no cuts and no soldering for all Liteon DG-16D2S DVD drives.

Naturally we have already developed a professional version and the CK3 PROBE III will be available at the same time as the X360USB PRO.
* DVD Key extraction on ALL Liteons (74850, 83850v2 & 93450)
* Homebrew – Easy / Cheap To Make
* 100% Compatible with latest Jungle Flasher
* Tested with X360USB PRO / VIA 6421 etc
* No more trace cuts or soldering

Here is a guide to make your own from old XBOX 1 Parts

Full credits goto all the Jungle Boys. These last few weeks coming up with new features for the X360USB PRO and Jungle Flasher have been a blast – so much more to come !

Now we go back to Slim work….
They have included a schematic / PDF if you do wish to build your own found in the quote above

The cost of the x360usb pro is roughly €45 plus the additional cost of the ck3 vIII probe which will probably cost another €6 to €8 euro will beat lizards current price for its unit and additional hardware, the lizard and hardware will cost roughly €90 - €100 or £69.99 sterling plus whatever shipping costs are involved.

and for those of you that dont know what "pog mo thoin" means, here you go ;)
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