Police To Look At Craig Bellamy clash


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Manchester City's Craig Bellamy is being investigated by police and the Football Association after an altercation with a supporter.

The incident occurred during City's 4-3 derby defeat at Old Trafford on Sunday.

City manager Mark Hughes defended the Welshman's actions, saying: "I did not see it but the guy should not have been on the pitch. That is not acceptable."

Greater Manchester Police later charged the supporter for entering the playing area "without lawful authority".

In a hotly-contested derby battle, the Blues came from behind on three occasions with Bellamy scoring two magnificent goals, including an equaliser to make it 3-3 in the 90th minute.

Hughes demands explanation for added time

Commenting on Bellamy's actions, Hughes added: "Brian Clough clipped someone's ear. He was lauded a national hero. Maybe it'll be the same with Craig but I doubt it."

The Manchester United fan who came on to the pitch after Michael Owen's late goal is set to appear in court later this month having been charged over his actions.

A Greater Manchester Police spokeswoman said: "A man has been charged following an incident at the end of the match between Manchester United and Manchester City at Old Trafford.

"Jake Joseph Clarke, 21, is charged with going onto a playing area without lawful authority or excuse and will appear before Trafford Magistrates' Court on September 30."

Earlier, an FA spokesman said: "We are investigating the incident and we will be looking at the referee's match report."

Disciplinary officials have already seen TV footage of the incident and the FA is likely to make a decision on whether to charge Bellamy on Monday or Tuesday.

Former Manchester United defender David May believes the emotions of the situation had an influence on Bellamy's reaction to the fan.

He told BBC Radio 5 live: "It was silly but I suppose to a certain extent it was understandable.

"When anyone comes on to the pitch it's worrying but maybe he shouldn't have slapped the fan, he should have walked away and let the steward get on with it.

"Players have to be professional but I think the whole occasion got to him - he had got City back into it at 3-3 and his emotions were running high.

"But you can't go round slapping fans. It's the wrong thing to do."

City boss Hughes also confirmed substitute Javier Garrido was struck by a coin thrown from the home section of the stadium at half-time.

Ferguson wanted victory so badly to remind City where the power lies in Manchester

BBC Sport's Phil McNulty

It is likely that former United hero Carlos Tevez had been the target, as he was standing near Garrido when the coin was thrown.

The Argentine, who moved across to Eastlands in the summer, was booed throughout the match by some of the home supporters.

Garrido was not hurt, but the Football Association could be called upon to pass judgement on the two incidents.

"Something came from the crowd but he is OK," Hughes added.

City striker Emmanuel Adebayor is already facing an FA improper conduct charge after running the length of the pitch to celebrate in front of Arsenal supporters after scoring against his former team.

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overhyped tripe, the photos in all the papers show bellamy punching the fan, whereas the video shows him pushing him, is it my imagination or does the fan look like he spit at bellamy. either way this shouldnt happen.
as for the half time throwing of coins, these people are only scumbags, they could have someones eye out


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Yep, looks like the fan spits at him :eyebrow:

He should`nt be charged over this in my opinion. The fan should`nt be on the pitch in the first place.

The latest is, he was trying to get at Tevez & Bellamy was`nt happy about it.


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Seem to Remember Brian Clough being lauded as a national hero for dishing out a clip around the ear..This is pure sensationalism and trying to jump on the bandwagon of slagging off city....The Guy Should not have been on the Pitch.End of story, I hope he (the fan)gets the book thrown at him and banned from every ground in the country!