Power level test


Can someone tell me how to run a power level test on virgin. Can’t remember how to do it


I'm reading that my downstream should be between -7 and +7 so these look ok. but Upstream should be between 38 and 48. mine seem to average 4.7. this seems way out. can someone please confirm this for me so I don't have to go through the threatening to leave saga just to get somebody out. thanks.


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Downstream should be between -6 and +10
some of yours are close to -6, none are anywhere near 4.7
SNR should be around 38 which most of yours are, below 35 is troublesome, your lowest is 36


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You will need to work out what you need first

No point putting on a 10 when you need 5
You will be back where you started lol


Finally got one , paid just under a tenner off eBay, just put it on and hey presto, no pixels. Works perfectly. Didn’t need to use an attenuator, so I’m a happy bunny now. Just thought I’d share the love. Thanks for your help again guys