PSA: Brutal Legend demo now on Xbox Live; PSN must wait


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by Randy Nelson { 20 hours ago }


Rocktober has come a little early to Xbox 360, as EA and Double Fine have made the Brütal Legend demo available for Xbox Live Gold members today. Weighing in at 1.57GB, the playable sneak peek is the same demo made available exclusively for pre-orders earlier this month.

While a PS3 version of the demo also already hit PSN for folks who reserved the game, the same can't be said for a "public" demo. According to a source close to the game's development, a demo is definitely planned for all PSN users -- it just won't be available right away. Given that the game takes the stage at retailers on October Rocktober 13, we'd hope EA intends to get the PS3 trial on the PlayStation Store within a few weeks.

From - Joystiq [Xbox]