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Pure2 Image [VU Uno 4k]


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This is Pue2 Image I have been using for about a week and seems fast and the skin has a kodi look to it, definitely worth a play for users that like experimenting.

Download here


AutoBouquetsMaker 3.1
E2iplayer (IPTV Player)
IPTV Bouquet Maker
EPG Refesh
EPG Importer

Skin is set to Estuary

V-Skin-1080 is included.

Just configure Tuners and set ABM then setup your preferred EPG setup.

Oscam goes in etc\tuxbox\config follow Willows guide for Oscam here

Screen shots attached


Menu Screen.jpg



Channel Selection Screen.jpg
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That’s thing I’m so used to atv and it does what I need
I can set up atv in no time

And investing time in a new firmware puts me off

But I still like looking


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Also how did u set up the mgcamd after installing it from pmanager?
Because i installed it and just put in details in the newcamd.list in usr/keys but still not working when activating cam.