READ BEFORE POSTING: Rules for posting classified ads to our forums.

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Classified listing permission.
(user-group member or above) to sell in our classified forum. Other members can buy see and enquire about items for sale with less than 50 posts but sellers beware.

When listing your items.
You are required to post at least one clear picture of the item for sale, in the picture you should include a piece of paper with your user-name and date of sale, this will give the prospective buyer some confidence that you actually own the item and that it is in your possession.

This is NOT an auction service.
You must indicate the asking price when posting a "for sale" post. Furthermore, you must note whether the postal fees are included within the asking price or not.

After the trade has completed.
Please modify the title of your post by adding "SOLD" or "BOUGHT" to the end of the title.
Buyer and seller - Please dont forget to leave feedback for the other in the for sale thread.
After successful completion of a sale/buy the two parties must delete any PMs containing any paypal details etc. This is for your own protection.

Paypal - sensitive information.
The only approved method to contact the seller or buyer is by using the private message functionality on our forums. This means that you can't post your email address, your MSN/ICQ/AIM/etc contact details, your phone number or other personal contact details.

Refresh your listing.
You can "bump" your message every 24 hours - not more often than that. You are not allowed to post the same ad more than once - bump your original post instead.

Copyright materials.
Pirated products - this includes, but isn't limited to backed up games, backed up movies, counterfeit movies, counterfeit games are strictly not allowed.
Console mod-chips or already modded consoles do not fall under this rule.

Seller and buyer beware.
Please use your common sense and ensure the buyer seller is safe to deal with before commiting to anything, Techkings and its staff (past, present and future) are not responsible for mediating deals gone bad. You engage in buying something from a member entirely at your own risk.

Who can not sell here.
This classified ad section is meant only for individuals, meaning that companies can't post their ads here. This restriction also applies to private enterpreuners and people who sell products in bulk. If you are a private enterpreuner or work for a company that would like to post an advertisement to our classifieds section, please contact us via email at [email protected]
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