Record and Pause Eric on mag254


Bit of a newbie to IPTV so sorry if this a dumb question

I have a Mag254 but can't figure out how to pause/record (I have a 500 gig USB drive connected)

I go to inner portal but the channels aren't listed when I try to set a recording. Should I have set some othe setting somewhere

Also general question i it possible to pause IPTV on th Mag254

Thanks folks


Yes it is possible to pause there is there is a play/pause button between volume up/down and channel up/down and to record you need to add m3u file to inner portal and set recordings in record manager if your supplier allows you to record that is or if you have multiroom sub


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Th asks Yozz but still confused as newbie. My sub just gave me a portal URL not a m3u file so do I need to try a different sub or can I get m3u file somewhere else

Sorry if it's a stupid ?