Request A Good IPTV Server - August/September/ October 2022

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Hi I am looking for an IPTV sevice that can provide both BT Sport Ultimate 4K HDR and Sky Sports Main Event 4K HDR.

If there are other 4K HDR live sports channels like Eurosport 4K if available, that would be a bonus.

Also want better fps than 25 so around 40-50 fps if possible! Would want a 24 hour trial to test around the clock of course not just 1hr ones. Also a huge benefit would be if has its own app not SMARTERS!! Or tivimate thanks guys drop me a msg if possible 🤝
Hi, I’m looking for a top quality IPTV server. Using shield tv

Edit: looking to include ufc ppv and fight night cards
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  • IPTV

  • USING enigma 2 vu+ box with E2m3u2 plugin

  • looking for

  • full sly package needed with epg

  • US TV/sport with full epg

  • 24/7 channels if possible

  • 2 connection as recoding as well
VOD and series if available

no freezing and no vpn needed would be a must as the one i have now is suffering so thinking of moving

prices please
Looking for Glitch free experience, potentially a backup server would be ideal, 24/7 channels VOD/TV. All UK Channels as well as some American, All Sports 50fps, all PPV.

Looking for a free 24/48 hour trial, to test. Will only respond to reputable members.

Using TiVimate on shield TV


Looking for Full UK Channels, All PPV, Sports.
USA Channels, Good selection of VOD TV/ Movies.

Stable server, I understand that servers can have some hicups but I'm looking for overall a reliable experience.

Must be able to provide some sort of 24/ 48 hour test.

Using TiVimate ( still looking for a provider)
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Sub up for renewal time
Are there any reliable raw services out there for UK TV/Sports? Would like full as possible epg for US/CA TV



Hi are there any providers who do a months sub to start before committing to a longer one if everything is good thanks .

Looking for IPTV for a Firestick 4k Max

Needs to have:

All UK Sky sports including F1 channel, BT sports & EFL games (free from freezing)
VOD latest series and films (regularly updated)
EPG (something easy to use similar to sky or direction how to achieve this)
Free 24hr trial and prices for 1/2 devices for 1/3/6/12 M

Bonus would be Netflix, Prime and Disney+ Content
Just got another Firestick Lite & would like another IPTV sub, mainly UK and a bit of USA, would be nice to have some VOD content, no adult and no need for adult. It has gotta work with Tivimate, reliable working EPG too please and if I have a sub with you already then this isn't me leaving I just like a diverse range of providers.
Hello, looking for a sub to iptv with all the usual stuff and obv boxing tonight
Has to be for a fire stick and if it can be loaded on by you even better, not been on for years as previous sun had been brill
Looking for a month first to see how it is!
Looking for iptv sub for firestick,

betting channels - sky sports racing, racingtv.
football sports channels including SPFL.

  • Post what you require - betting channels - sky sports racing, racingtv, football sports channels including SPFL.
  • State if you require region specific servers - No
  • State what type of device you want it for - firestick (non4k)
  • State if it is for smart IPTV for apps on TV - app on firestick - I have vpn if required.
seller quick support for any issues.


  • IPTV

  • USING enigma 2 vu+ box
  • looking for

  • full sly package needed with epg
  • Premier sports, bt sports
  • Ppv
  • 2 connection as recoding as well
VOD and series not bothered about.
Trial for testing would be helpful.

Thank you
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