Request A Good Satellite Server - Nov/Dec/Jan 2022


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FOR SATELLITE ONLY - Read Carefully.

We have had a spate of new users signing up to intentionally rip members off who were looking for the new 28.2lines.
If members follow the guidelines given, you are far less likely to end up in this situation.

Rules for this thread.
  • Post a request to what type of line you want C/N and whether its for the UK or Southern Ireland.
  • This thread is for requests by Private Message ONLY. Strictly no other discussions whatsoever to take place in here.
  • After posting in here you will receive private messages to your inbox.
  • If you are a seller and you post your services in here, you will be banned permanently. No second chances.
  • Do not like other users request posts. This will be seen as advertising your services = Banned.
  • If someone with very few posts/history messages you offering you something, Report the message.

When another member messages you, you need to check whether the member is trustworthy before replying, regardless of what they put in their Private Message.
Click on their Username in the message to view their profile which will show their credentials.​
If their Username is BLUE or GREEN it means they are either VIP or TK Veterans. You'll see that titled under their Username also.​
This means they have been here a long time and known to the Forum, far more trustworthy than just users with the title "Member" or "registered".​
This does not mean that we back or insure their services but we have never had either intentionally rip off other members.​
Once you've decided who to go with..

If you have decided to go with anyone less than VIP - TK Vet - DO NOT use Bank transfer to pay, use Paypal goods and services.
Keep discussions on the forum via PM, dont move conversations to Telegram/Whatsapp. We can't moderate conversations that don't happen here.
If your services have gone off and you've attempted to get help from the supplier and you are being ignored, message one of the Admins/Mods.


C Line / N-Line for UK please

Hi Looking for an N/C line for remaining outpost of channels available on UK , ta
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Looking for trial for remaining channels on 28.2 old sub due to expire using oscam-trunk


Hi. I'm looking for a stable and without freezing c line for 13.0E. Please send me a test line with recommended OSCAM config