Rumor: Secret of Monkey Island coming to XBLA


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By: Justin McElroy

Listen, we know you want to freak out after reading that headline, we do too. But let's work through this together, OK? GamerBytes says it spotted Secret of Monkey Island, the first in Ron Gilbert's revered adventure series, listed for Xbox 360 (likely XBLA) on the website of the German USK ratings board. The listing -- which actually called the game a "Special Edition" -- shows Activision as having some involvement, but likely because it handles European publishing duties for LucasArts.

However, the only evidence we have of the game now is GamerBytes' screengrab, as the listing's apparently been pulled. We're hoping against hope it was removed not because the listing was in error, but because it popped up a bit earlier than the companies behind it would have liked. You may now commence the freakout.

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