Samsung IPTV and zgemma


Hi all

I have a zgemma h.2s box

I haven't messed with the IPTV much at all, but I've just noticed the IPTV app on the my Samsung smart TV

there's nothing on there at the moment, I need to upload a 'playlist' what ever that is

Basically to start there a way I can get the IPTV on the TVs to look exactly like the one on the zgemma box?

I'm totally lost with how to set this up as so

Any help would be appreciated



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Did you get anywhere with this? I have a H2S box with woosh build and we love the IPTV feature on that especially the "Watch Series" icon which lets us watch tv series on demand and films etc but on our Samsung Smart TV "IPTV" seems to stand for something different.
On the Smart TV "IPTV" seems to stream the live TV from the ZGEMMA box. Its all working great we'd just like the features of the ZGEMMA box's IPTV i.e looking for films and series to watch on the smart TV upstairs.

Is this possible?
Thanks in advance!


The IPTV app on the Samsung is for adding your own lists or m3u files to play live streams normally a paid for service and works very well indeed for this purpose, if you want to do things like the IPTV app on the zgemma you would need an android box or pc
and install kodi or deriviants and add in the required add-ons which TBF is pretty simple.



How good is this IPTV on a smart tv? and if its freeze free how much is it?

We have set up the IPTV on the Samsung upstairs TV which was very easy and free.
You just access the ZGEMMA using an internet browser on a PC by entering the IP address of the box in the address bar
Then in the Bouqets section you should see "All Channels" click the little tv screen next to that and it will download an m3u file containing the addresses of all your box channels and their locations on your home network
Download an IPTV app on the TV (most Samsung and LG TV's allow this I believe) and follow the apps instructions on adding/uploading the m3u file which is usually down on their web site

It seems to play on ours with very little problems and its wireless at the minute but will be wiring it up eventually