Samsung's New 2133MHz Memory Chips Can Power Next-Gen Memory Modules for Overclockers


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Samsung to Initiate Mass Production of 2Gb DDR3 Memory Chips Using 30nm Tech

Samsung Electronics announced today that it has begun mass producing the industry’s first 2Gb DDR3 chips using 30nm-class process technology. The new DRAMs are inexpensive to make despite of rather high clock-speed and it is likely that leading suppliers of memory modules will use the new chips to power their devices for overclockers.

Samsung’s 30nm-class 2Gb Green DDR3 chips provide the highest performance solution in the industry, based on an innovative circuit design. For server applications, memory modules can reach up to 1866NHz at 1.35 volts, while PC modules can run at up to 2133MHz at 1.5 volts, which is 3.5 times faster than DDR2 and 1.6 times faster than 50nm class DDR3.

"We’re seeing a sharp rise in demand for DDR3 chips and are meeting that need with the timely introduction of 30nm-class Green DDR3 solutions. 30nm-class DDR3 DRAM will deliver the most satisfying user experience possible, offering extremely high performance and reduced power consumption for PC and server applications designed to capitalize on new multi-core processors,” said Soo-In Cho, president of memory division of semiconductor business at Samsung Electronics.

Recent growth in the smartphone market has triggered a sharp increase in data usage, leading to heavier traffic in data centers. Samsung’s new 30nm-class DDR3 chip will provide memory solutions with the highest performance and lowest power levels to accommodate the new generation of servers optimized for cloud computing and virtualization. Power savings for most new server applications using 30nm DDR3 will be about 20% greater than applications that use 50nm-class DDR3.

In addition, when combined with new multi-core PC platforms, Samsung 30nm-class 4GB DDR3 solutions for PCs can operate 60% faster than two 50nm-class 2GB DDR3 solutions, using 65% less power.

With plans to also produce the new 30nm DDR3 chips in a 4Gb density by year end, Samsung will soon broaden its memory line-up with mass production of 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB 30nm-class RDIMMs for servers, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB UDIMMs for workstations and desktop PCs, plus 2GB, 4GB and 8GB SoDIMMs for notebooks and all-in-one desktops.