scrambled channels codes are currant


hello new to this site my names ian
have a openbox v8s showing channels scrambled i have tried all the usual stuff ie rebooted router modem re installed codes single sat search updated channel list all connections are ok free view channels fine done everything i can think of done a search via net came across this forum site so thought give it a try
during net search can anyone tell me can box be blocked bricked ect if so how do i unblock box ???


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Have you checked with your provider the line is still running or have they gone AWOL?


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First check with your server as mentioned above, while waiting for a reply

Go into manage CCcam.client in the menu
find your line details

Does it say
offline / login

Is there a green tick at the end of your line details ?

Sounds like your line has ran out though


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first of all unplug your box and router from the wall sockets and leave for 2 minutes
now plug your router in and wait for it to connect to the net
once connected to the net then plug your box back in and see if the channels come back

if they don't come back then how long have you had the line for, it may have run out