sell your mmds "T" box as freeview to people in the UK

red devil

found this, for all the peeps with a T box in Irl
all the T boxes can possibly be sold as an extra
freeview box to peeps in the uk
so not all is lost

Digital switchover for the UK

The UK Government's intention is that digital terrestrial television will completely replace analogue terrestrial television in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man by 2012, and the Channel Islands by 2010. This process is known as "Digital Switchover", or DSO. The Digital TV Group the industry association for digital television in the UK, is responsible for co-ordination between Freeview and other digital services. DTG licences suitable equipment to bear the Digital Tick and Freeview Playback Logos[11] to identify PVRs and digital TV services designed to work through switchover, and to raise awareness of DTT product quality and standards. Digital terrestrial television is broadcast using the DVB-T international standard.

The Digital Switchover process is already underway in parts of the UK, and it involves discontinuing analogue terrestrial TV broadcasts. In some areas this will allow greater signal strength and/or better coverage of digital multiplexes.

In areas where analogue signals have been terminated, older receiving equipment is likely to require replacement or upgrade. This process is being subsidised by the UK Government for those on low incomes. Current contracts for this operation have been awarded to BSkyB in the Borders region. Upgrading of analogue receiving equipment requires a Freeview set-top box (or other digital receiver). Where an analogue TV recording device is in use ideally this will be provided with a separate Freeview set-top box, to replicate existing functionality of recording and watching different programme sources.

obviously after n3 is rolled out (y)