Setting up Cccam 2.1.3, What am I doing wrong???


I installed tspanel, then from tspanel I installed Cccam 2.1.3, rebooted my iBox 3, copied the Cccam.cfg file into var/etc with the C:Line I got from aliexpress seller as they instructed me, not to change spaces and keep upper case and lower case as received in the line.
restarted Cccam 2.1.3 but still no joy.
I get "no ecm info"


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I've been told ver 2.3.0 is buggy and 2.1.3 is the most stable.
Since typing the first message I've been struggeling, installing uninstalling and no joy. Now I'm stuck in a situation that I am without tspanel, installed ipk of cccam 2.1.3 for enigma 2. It shows as installed in the extentions but when going to cam setup menu I don't see it. Usualy I had 2 options: none or ccam(because I only use cccam). Now there is nothing and no option to enter blue button menu.

Any suggestions?


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i use vix image do you? if so download plugins if you deleted tsmedia you should see it in extensions and press ok to download and install think box reboots,also in there is softcams,select and install from there,activate and start as needed.