Showbox the end


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Damn have used show box over the years without VPN may be after me then.

Show box was always going to end up like terrarium.


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I changed to oneboxhd last year!! Imo works better, will work on firestick but you have to sideload with the player. Details on Google with apk for downloader ( the firesticktricks ) one


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Many great apps/apks than showbox imo

Cinema HD and cyberflix main two. But too many too choose from.
i thought you were looking for a like for like for showbox!!! I swapped showbox a year ago, no messing with pick a stream all 720 minimum with a updated base daily, Ive tried them all but ended up just keeping one.


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tried all the above, the bit where you have to pick your stream ie openload/stream mango etc is the main put off for me, I'm not a salesman for oneboxhd!! but the stream is picked for you so no faffing around, of course Imo!!


Can someone recommend some good alternative to showbox? has there been a review?