Skin makes box freeze - how to undo?


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I have OpenATV image with which the box was delivered. Via the plugins menu I downloaded a skin and installed it (BlackSpirit.HD Version 0.60.rc2). However, now the box doesn't respond properly any more, and I can't go back to another skin?

When I reboot the box, then a message appears on the screen saying "Version: 0.60.rc2! The BlackSpirit.HD Skin has been updated. Please check the config and save with the green button in 'Menu/Plugins/BlackSpirit HD'".

However, no button on the remote is working, I just have this screen. TV is running in the background, with the typical zapping info at the bottom (but Info like channel, program, etc.) is empty.

Is there a way to somehow reset the skin?

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Morning Andre, I'm sure in time a more experienced member may be able to give you more specific advice on your problem. Over time while learning, I have caused my boxes to freeze up a few times. Fortunately, when completely stuck like that. I have always been able to recover using wooshbuild basebuild on a usb stick to reflash the box and get back in again. Importantly, you should make sure your line if you have one is backed up so you can set it backup using usb camiporter once wooshbuild is up and running.. Hope this helps, all you need to download basebuild is on this site. Good luck..


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FTP to the box from your PC using FileZilla and go to /usr/share/enigma2/ and delete the skin folder, then reboot.

Thanks, but I haven't used ftp on the box before, i.e. I don't have the IP address. And I can't use the box to look it up :)

Edit: Found it via the Router, trying your solution now...

Edit 2: Ok, this worked. Box is up and running again. Thanks a lot!
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