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am upgrading from sky hd to sky q. now I have loads of films shows etc on the hd box. I believe I will lose these once I connect to the sky q service. I believe I can copy these movies etc using software copy+ and I think you need to remove the hard disc from the hd box and connect to a pc using a caddy. this I can do. my query is once the hd box is disconnected from the sky dish/power etc are all the movies/programes still on the hard drive, so then I can dismantle the hd box etc ? or has anyone know of a different way ? don't really wanna copy these in real time using a pvr etc ?


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Stuff recorded on sky hd box can only be viewed on sky sub,unsure if you can use a caddy to plug into sky q box and view?
Contents on hdd will be still there but encrypted.


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copy+ is a method of copying media over so that you could put a bigger hdd in your sky+ box.
You still need to watch them on the Sky+ box.
You can use extract+ to copy FTA recordings to watch elsewhere.


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Another sky rip off. Something you've already paid for. They can't even offer a service to transfer this for you?